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St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade-Top MelangeThe NOLA St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade, inspired by the annual event of the same name in Paris, is held the weekend before Thanksgiving. It's open to women and girls of all ages ( as always, men and boys are welcome to tag along). FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade PLAN B — LOCATION CHANGE
Looks like St. Catherine was asleep at the wheel and has not protected us from severe weather. So, we are moving the parade indoors and turning it into a party. The house is on Coliseum, between Eighth & Harmony. I don't want to list the exact address here for obvious reasons, but there'll be a big sign on the gate. Any time after 10 is fine. Nothing fancy, just champagne (feel free to add to the stash!) and
If things clear up, maybe we'll walk around the block.

Keep participation FREE by donating just $10. Help us pay for LIVE MUSIC, banners, favors, glasses, posters, flyers, prizes,etc. Think of it as really cheap, voluntary Krewe dues!
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St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade-Crowd

HATS, HATS, HATS! — Create your own hat, or just add decoration to an existing hat. Click on any of the links at the bottom of the page to see examples of creations from previous years. There will be a wide variety of hats in our New Orleans version of the Catherinettes parade. If you have the time to make something special, that's great, but if not, just grab a pretty hat from your own closet — or a silly hat from your Halloween stash — and join us! P.S.: There's a prize for the Best Hat, and this year's winner will be next year's Grand Marshall.

St. Catherine's Day Parade 2012 Best hats Winners

HONOREES — The parade honors an unmarried woman named Catherine (we're flexible on the spelling). This year, our own Catherine Lasperches led the parade, along with last year's Best Hat winner, Midori Tajiri.

St. Catherine's Day hat Parade 2012-Grand Marshall and Catherinette

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St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade-Erica Avila

St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade-Cree Macree

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St. Catherine's Day Hat parade 2012-Margarita-Bergen

PARADE ROUTE — Meet at 10 AM on the neutral ground at St. Charles Ave. and Pleasant St. The parade begins at 10:30 AM, walking down St. Charles, and making a series of right turns onto Washington, Prytania, Louisiana, and back onto onto St. Charles to the starting place. The route is less than 1 mile.

B.Y.O.B. = Bring Your Own Bubbly!
Our "Chevaliers du Champagne" tend coolers with ice to hold champagne (or anything else you bring) so we can celebrate at the end of the parade. Bring a bottle or two to share!

St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade 2012-Chevaliers de Champagne

LIVE MUSIC — Bart Ramsey and members of Zazou City accompanied the 2012 parade in a mule-drawn carriage. We already have them locked in for 2013! CLICK HERE for a preview of the sound.

St. Catherine's Day Hat Parade 2012-Zazou City

HISTORY — St. Catherine of Alexandria was an early Christian martyr. She is the patron saint of milliners, seamstresses and unmarried women. On the feast of St. Catherine (November 25th), French seamstresses, milliners and unmarried women (called Catherinettes, pronounced the French way: kat-reen-ette) parade the streets of Paris showing off unusual handmade chapeaux using the traditional colors yellow (faith) and green (wisdom). The hats range from pretty ... to silly ... to elegant ... to bizarre. We are recreating that event here in New Orleans.

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